This is a wonderful opportunity to become a critical member of the Leadership Team at Planned Parenthood Great Plains. Based in Overland Park, KS this executive leads finance, planning, accounting, budgeting, revenue cycle management and technology. S/he will work with the CEO, the COO and the Board of Directors to drive the success of key initiatives and financial objectives which support the mission and strategies of the organization.

At Planned Parenthood Great Plains we believe all people deserve the right, the freedom and the opportunity to follow their personal ambitions and choose their own path toward a healthier, more meaningful life. That’s why we protect, promote and provide comprehensive and progressive sexual and reproductive health care for generations of young women, men and families with empathy, care and respect. We are looking for passionate, dedicated staff who are eager to make positive contributions to their community and to the Planned Parenthood mission. When you work for work for Planned Parenthood  you make a difference in the lives of those we serve by affirming the human right to sexual and reproductive health and freedom.

The ideal candidate has a proven track record as a healthcare business and financial leader and has a passion for Planned Parenthood.

Additional information is available by contacting Cindy Chandler at or 952-471-5400.


The Chief Financial Officer serves as a member of the Senior Management Team and leads finance, planning, accounting & budgeting, revenue cycle management, and technology. As a leader in the organization, the CFO is responsible, with the Executive Team, to set the strategic plan and drive the success of key initiatives and financial objectives which support the mission and strategies of Planned Parenthood Great Plains (Planned Parenthood). This leader is responsible for overseeing all fiscal and fiduciary responsibilities for the organization in conjunction with the CEO, Board of Directors and the finance, audit and investment committees of the board.
S/he will serve as a business partner and trusted advisor to the CEO and the Board of Directors, as well as bring insight, wisdom and strategy to the Executive Team in all areas. As a member of the executive team, it is expected that the incumbent will offer candid and data-driven input to the organizational decision making process, offering insight from the perspective of the financial discipline, as well as from a general business perspective. S/he has a deep understanding of what drives financial performance and strategic outcomes and can create the infrastructure of processes, disciplines and strategies to ensure success today and into the future, in this time of pivotal change across the industry.
The CFO is an advocate and key contributor in the pursuit of our mission.
This is a unique and highly attractive opportunity for a finance leader with uncompromising integrity, a passion for the mission and excellence, and a desire to serve others.

Strategic Leadership

  •  Provides strategic and financial leadership and clear communications to the Executive Team in the areas of treasury, budgeting, audit, tax, accounting, short-term and long-term forecasting, and strategic financial modeling.
  •  Assesses organizational performance against both the annual financial plan and the long-term operational and financial strategies and continually inform leadership and board committees on key performance indicators and strategies related to financial performance of the organization.
  •  Maintains ongoing long-range financial plans in congruence with the organization's strategic plan, inclusive of multiple scenarios and risk assessments.
  •  Ensures compliance with Federal, State(s) and local agencies in the areas of tax, audit, grant management and other required financial filings and registrations.
  •  Oversees respective areas to ensure requirements are met for Planned Parenthood Federation of America (PPFA) accreditation.
  • Board of Directors/Governance Support
  •  Engages and supports the Board finance, audit, and investment committees around issues, trends, and changes in financial and operating model(s). Assists in establishing yearly objectives and meeting agendas, and selecting and engaging outside consultants (auditors, investment advisers, etc.)
  •  Provides financial leadership and transparency for the CEO and Board of Directors. Sets the accounting and reporting standards for the organization under the direction of the Finance and Audit Committee of the Board. Presents the annual financial plan and periodic reports to the Board as appropriate.
  • Operational Leadership
  •  Through management of the Finance and Accounting staff, as well as outsourced vendors:
  •  Leads coordination of annual budget process and reporting by establishing schedules, collecting, analyzing, and consolidating financial data, and recommending plans.
  •  Oversees disbursement activities, ensuring the accurate and timely processing of accounts payable, petty cash, employee expense reports, cash control, and total corporate payroll tax compliance.
  •  Leads the accurate and timely dissemination of financial management reports including, but not limited to, internal and external monthly financial statements, audits, and budgets.
  •  Oversees Planned Parenthood’s audit process including preparation of financial statements and work papers, including an inventory of fixed assets.
  •  Oversees management of cash flow to maximize earnings and realizes all available payment discounts; oversees daily cash management; oversees recording and monitoring of cash receipts, reconciliation of bank statements, and cash transfers.
  •  Works with other departments and staff regarding accounting and budgeting matters, providing quality customer service and support.
  •  Through management of the Director of Technology and the Technology staff:
  •  Oversees all organization-wide technology planning, organization and implementation, including network configuration and management; network security; hardware and software selection, maintenance, and implementation;telephone system and call center maintenance. The Director of Information Technology must also effectively manage productive and collaborative relationships with PPGP’s external contracted IT support vendors and the outsourced call center vendor.
  •  With leaders across the organization:
  •  Pursues appropriate cost-savings and revenue generation opportunities across the organization.
  •  Keeps up to date with all federal statutes surrounding participation in the Medicare and Medicaid programs, including EMTALA, Medicare fraud and abuse issues, Stark legislation and IRS guidelines pertaining to the operation of not-for-profit entities.
  •  Develops and fosters a strong partnership with clinical operations with a focus on continuous process improvement and exceptional service skills.
  •  Identifies opportunities to improve organizational effectiveness by using both soft and hard data related to effective processes (decision-making, employee engagement, communication, etc.) and making recommendations for improvement.
  •  Through the oversight and management of out-sourced Billing and Revenue Management partners:
  •  Oversees and is accountable for Revenue Cycle Management and ensures efficient responsive and strategic operations Oversees the maximization of net patient revenue and patient billings.
  •  Ensures the accurate processing of insurance and patient account receivables.
  •  Assures compliance of contract parameters by vendor partners.
  • Culture Leadership and Staff Leadership
  •  Builds and coaches a high performing Finance team with high credibility in the organization. Mentors, guides, and coaches direct reports in order to expand their capabilities and build management depth in the organization. Evaluates performance and carefully assesses development needs, finding stretch experiences and making effective Finance talent decisions.
  • Develop relationships with staff at all levels to build and maintain a strong, consistent, cohesive, and culturally adaptive culture that fosters the organizational values of high integrity and trust.
  •  Supports the Planned Parenthood mission and aligns all activities with the mission and strategic plan.
  •  Nurtures a strong culture that encourages teamwork, innovation, and respect for cultural diversity.
  • Treats staff respectfully and fairly. In addition, encourages their professional growth and development.
  •  Balances the need for excellence in achieving the mission with good stewardship of all organizational resources.
  •  Assures that all endeavors are legal, prudent and ethical.
  •  Demonstrates leadership in settings outside of the organization by serving on various task forces and committees as requested. Represents the organization in community services by active participation in public and civic activities in and outside the health care field.


The CFO will be managing a total team of 5 finance, 5 IT, and two critical outsourced teams handling call center and revenue cycle. The direct reports include the Senior Accountant, Director of Finance and Analysis, Senior Director of IT and the two outside vendor partners.
The CFO is a member of the Senior Management Team, which includes the following:

  •  President and CEO
  •  COO
  • CFO
  •  VP of Development
  •  VP of Education and Outreach
  •  VP of Public Affairs, Communications, and Marketing
  •  VP of Health Services
  •  Medical Director
  •  Lead Clinician
  •  Executive Assistant to the President and Manager of Board Relations
  • The organization currently has a total of 140 employees in four states.


The ideal candidate for this position has a proven track record as a healthcare business and financial leader and has a passion for the mission of Planned Parenthood. This experience will include a progressive career that includes a minimum of eight years financial management experience with five years leadership experience.
S/he will have earned a Bachelor’s degree in accounting, finance or related field. The candidate must either be a CPA and have auditing experience or have earned a MBA with a focus in Finance. S/he must have experience in healthcare and, ideally, have non-profit experience. It is critical that the candidate have strong Revenue Cycle experience. It is highly desired that they have knowledge of fund accounting and experience with federal and state grants management experience. It will be to the candidate’s advantage if they have a demonstrated track record working with providers and regulatory and funding agencies and have an appreciation and understanding of the changing healthcare landscape.
It is highly desired that the candidate have not only worked in health care but also have hands on experience with electronic medical records systems and management of the technology function.
Knowledge, skills and abilities that the ideal candidate possess include:

  • Knowledge of cost accounting, budgeting, income, cost analysis, revenue cycle and financial modeling.
  •  Knowledge of systems, technology, and information management.
  •  Ability to interpret financial information for management decision making.
  •  Experience managing information technology.
  •  Experience interacting and delivering effective and strategic presentations to a board of directors.
  •  Experience operating as a collaborative member of an executive team and has contributed to the strategic planning and execution of the plan at an organizational level.
  •  Exceptional relationship management skills.
  •  Proven ability to be a collaborative leader.
  •  Problem-solving and analysis skills.
  •  Effective oral and written communication skills.
  •  Ability to work with diverse populations.
  •  Willingness to work with volunteers, including the board treasurer and investment sub-committee chair.
  • Additional knowledge, skills and abilities that will contribute to the success of the candidate include:
  •  Ability to balance the “business” of health care with the “delivery” of health care in a not-for-profit mission-driven environment.
  •  Exceptional leadership and motivational skills combined with a keen sensitivity to the needs of subordinates and peers.
  •  Effective in driving and influencing critical decisions in a competent and professional manner.
  •  Demonstrated track record of building teams and leading change.
  •  Ability to continuously improve operations, systems and standards.
  •  Capable of setting and tracking performance outcomes, dealing with inefficiencies and ensuring continuous improvement.
  •  Demonstrated experience in building relationships with clinicians and ability to foster and maintain close working relationship with the physician and provider community.
  •  Excellent verbal and written communication skills.
  •  Strong people management and leadership skills.
  •  Strong work ethic, achievement oriented and motivated beyond personal interests. Initiative, self-confidence, good judgment and the ability to make decisions in a timely fashion.
  •  Willingness to work with volunteers.
  • Personal Attributes
  • Strong interpersonal competencies as evidenced by: a professional, enthusiastic but genuine demeanor, effective one-to-one and group communication skills, a capacity to build and maintain respectful and trusting relationships and an ability to listen yet effectively negotiate and persuade. High ethical standards and integrity combined with the ability to earn the respect of others. Additional desired personal attributes include:
  •  Embraces change and welcomes challenges.
  •  Good judgment, discretion, confidentiality.
  • Results orientation: strong bias for action, can-do attitude, focuses on specific, ambitious goals.
  •  Demonstrates a sense of personal accountability for achieving results.
  •  A strong desire to innovate and drive continuous improvement.
  •  Preference for transparent, collaborative but decisive management style.
  •  A relentless commitment to quality care and services.
  •  Cross-cultural sensitivity and fluency.
  •  Strong sense of self and sense of humor.

Additional information or to apply, contact Cindy Chandler at or 952-471-5400.


For 81 years, PPGP has been delivering high-quality, affordable, reproductive health care services. By providing clinical services, education, training, and advocacy, it seeks to help individuals make informed decisions about their reproductive health, family planning options, and sexuality. In order to make these ideals a reality, PPGP provides people with accurate information and access to highly trained practitioners for preventive care. PPGP sees a world in which every child is wanted and every woman is trusted to make her own decisions, every choice regarding sexuality is personal and respected, and everyone has access to affordable, quality health care.

The Chief Financial Officer joins PPGP at a pivotal point in its 81-year history. PPGP’s expansion and revitalization of its health center footprint in Arkansas, Kansas, the Mid-Missouri region, and Oklahoma, reinvigoration of its education, outreach, and advocacy initiatives serve to educate a new generation of reproductive health and rights supporters and promote greater access to affordable contraception, preventive treatment, safe abortion, and other critical reproductive health services.

As an affiliate of, and accredited by, the Planned Parenthood Federation of America (PPFA), PPGP operates twelve high-quality health centers throughout Arkansas, Kansas, the Mid-Missouri region, and Oklahoma, with a centralized call center and online appointment scheduling. PPGP serves people from diverse backgrounds and with diverse needs. PPGP currently provides reproductive health services in Arkansas, Kansas, the Mid-Missouri region, and Oklahoma. The medical staff includes three board certified OB/GYN physicians who provides abortion services, as well as nurse practitioners. PPGP’s nurse practitioners collaborate with physicians to provide reproductive health care, perform examinations, and diagnose and treat infections. PPGP accepts Medicaid and private insurance. During 2015, our health centers provided 40,000 visits for comprehensive reproductive health services to 20,000 patients

PPGP provides comprehensive, age-appropriate sexuality education to more than 10,000 participants each year. Our education programs promote responsible behavior and honest communication with peers, parents and adults. Teens are given information about how to deal with social pressure and are given medically accurate information about contraception. Programs offer a variety of interactive sexuality education presentations to schools, churches and community groups on a broad range of topics.

PPGP is a leading advocate for the reproductive rights of women and men in Arkansas, Kansas, Missouri, and Oklahoma working tirelessly to block legislation that restricts access to sex education, contraceptives, and abortion. To conduct more in-depth advocacy efforts, PPGP created the Planned Parenthood Great Plains Votes (PPGPV), a sister corporation of PPGP organized under IRS Section 501(c)4. This classification allows PPGPV to engage in political activities and make additional lobbying expenditures that would not be allowed under PPGP’s 501(c)3 tax status. PPGPV maintains professional lobbying programs in Topeka and Jefferson City; monitors federal, state and local legislation and analyzes its effects on PPGP and our clients; informs supporters about proposed legislation and encourages contact with their legislators; and recruits, trains and supports volunteers to work in a variety of advocacy roles.