Missouri Manager of Public Policy and Organizing

Planned Parenthood Advocates in Missouri (PPMO) seeks a Missouri Manager of Public Policy and Organizing to work on behalf of the joint public policy project of Missouri’s two Planned Parenthood affiliates; Planned Parenthood Great Plains Votes (PPGPV) and Advocates of Planned Parenthood of the St. Louis Region and Southwest Missouri (Advocates of PPSLR/SWMO).  The Missouri Manager of Public Policy and Organizing is responsible for assisting in the development and implementation of the statewide public affairs plans and goals, and serves as the lobbyist representing PPMO to Missouri’s governmental entities.  The Manager builds and solidifies relationships with pro-reproductive health legislators in the Capitol and works with state agencies to ensure the protection of Planned Parenthood’s interests.  In addition, the Manager provides strategic planning and resource development assistance to PPMO and is responsible for building political and grasstops relationships throughout the state with a focus on the Columbia and the Mid-MO region.


As dedicated providers of high-quality, affordable, reproductive health care services across Missouri, PPGP and PPSLR/SWMO formed PPMO to advance public policy in the areas of sexual and reproductive health care, family planning, and medically-accurate sex education in order to make quality, affordable comprehensive health care available to all.  PPMO ensures the Missouri Planned Parenthood affiliates are able to conduct in-depth advocacy efforts as a unified political force in Missouri.

PPMO actively monitors state and federal legislation in a number of public policy arenas and promotes education, counseling and access to services in the fields of reproductive health care and family planning.   

PPMO is a leading advocate for the reproductive rights of women and men in Missouri, working tirelessly to block legislation that restricts access to sex education, contraceptives, and abortion.  PPMO maintains a professional lobbying program in Jefferson City; monitors federal, state and local legislation and analyzes its effects on the affiliates and their patients; informs supporters about proposed legislation and encourages contact with their legislators; and recruits, trains and supports volunteers to work in a variety of advocacy roles.


The Missouri Manager of Public Policy and Organizing will be responsible for lobbying on behalf of PPMO, assisting in the development and implementation of statewide plans and goals as well as the management of statewide projects to ensure the protection of Planned Parenthood’s interests.  In addition, the Manager will work closely with the statewide team to organize, educate, empower and mobilize supporters to take action in support of Planned Parenthood's mission; engage in list-building, outreach, and volunteer recruitment and supervision through phone, crowd, door-to-door canvassing and online networking; and recruit and support activists in targeted geographic areas who will become informed on local, state and national reproductive health issues, educate their community and elected officials on the importance of the issues, and take other actions to further PPMO public affairs goals.

Responsibilities of the Missouri Manager of Public Policy and Organizing

1.    Lobbying Duties
a.    Reviews all legislation introduced/amended and analyzes relevant proposals to determine effect on Planned Parenthood interests.     
b.    Monitors bill status/content, hearings, vote counts, anti-choice activity, voting records (etc.) and provides prompt updates to affiliate Public Affairs Senior Management and staff.  
c.    Testifies and/or recruits subject-matter experts and individuals willing to provide expert and constituent testimony on legislation affecting Planned Parenthood’s interests; develops and maintains relationships with subject-matter experts in the areas of health policy, law and medicine.
d.    Develops and maintains good working relationships with key legislators and other public officials including the Governor’s office, appropriate state agencies, legislative leadership, relevant committee chairs, and other lobbyists through personal visits, correspondence, phone and email (etc.).
e.    Articulates Planned Parenthood’s position on relevant legislation to all members of the Missouri Legislature verbally and through written documentation.
f.     Assists in facilitation of meetings with Planned Parenthood staff in developing legislative strategy and activities in the Capitol, at the grassroots level, and in coordination with other Planned Parenthood departments and/or coalition groups.
g.    Plans and executes on-the-scene political and legislative strategy as needed.
h.    Provides advice and direction to Planned Parenthood staff and volunteers concerning the need for direct involvement with the legislature and for testimony by Planned Parenthood affiliate staff or others on behalf of Planned Parenthood.
i.      Coordinates grassroots lobbying activities in the capitol, including coalition lobby days and smaller scale affiliate grassroots contacts with legislators.
j.      Develops clear understanding of each affiliates’ health delivery model and reimbursement methods and monitors local, state and federal legislative or regulatory actions that impact the affiliates.
k.    Supervises practicum students and interns as needed.

2.    Statewide Planning and Reporting
a.    Assists in the development and implementation of statewide plans and goals in consultation with the Missouri Director and affiliate Public Affairs Senior Management.
b.    Assists affiliates with developing plans/strategies to meet public affairs goals.
c.    Assists in facilitation of monthly calls and quarterly face to face meetings with organizers to review reports and conduct plan evaluation and training.
d.    Assists in facilitation of annual reporting and planning meetings/calls with Public Affairs Senior Management and CEO’s.
e.    Provides funder/PPFA reporting as needed/required.

3.    Project Management
a.    Assists in the development and implementation of statewide projects in consultation with the Missouri Director and affiliate Public Affairs Senior Management.
b.    Assists in the development of budgets for statewide projects in consultation with the Missouri Director.
c.    Reports to CEO’s and funders as required by statewide project(s).

4.    Represent Missouri to PPFA and Coalition Partners
a.    Represents PPMO at coalition tables and on appropriate committees and communicates information back to affiliates.
b.    Develops political and grasstops relationships across the state with a focus on the Mid-MO region.

5.    Electoral Duties
a.    Assists in the development and implementation of statewide electoral plans in consultation with the Missouri Director and affiliate Public Affairs Senior Management.
b.    Provides affiliate c(4) staff with background and research on candidates.
c.    Assists affiliate c(4) staff with candidate endorsements.
d.    Identifies funding opportunities for c(4) work in coordination with affiliate Public Affairs Senior Management and Development staff.
e.    Assists affiliates in understanding and implementing legal regulations related to c3/c4/PAC and independent expenditure work.
f.     Assists statewide progressive coalition partners in articulating and promoting a pro-women’s health message.

6.    Organizing Duties
a.    Works with PPGPV and Advocates of PPSLR/SWMO organizers to ensure affiliate and statewide organizing goals and reporting deadlines are being met.
b.    Builds and maintains grasstops relationships throughout the state with a focus on the Mid-MO region.

7.    Media and Communications Duties
a. Coordinates appropriate media contacts and activities with media/press in the Capitol, Columbia, and Jefferson City and acts as PPMO spokesperson when appropriate.
b.    Assists with the development and implementation of media and communications strategies in consultation with the Missouri Director, and affiliate Public Affairs Senior Management and Communications staff. 
c.    Prepares written materials including correspondence, reports, talking points and media and advocacy documents as needed and distributes them to appropriate audiences.

8.    Other Duties
a.    Maintains subscriptions and memberships to publications, organizations and other services providing support and information necessary to accomplish job duties.
b.    Attends appropriate meetings and provides staff support for committees as assigned.
c.    Performs other related duties as assigned by the Missouri Director.

Experience and Qualifications

Although it is unlikely that anyone individual will bring all of the qualifications and experiences listed below, the successful candidate will have many of the following attributes. 

  •  Commitment to Planned Parenthood’s mission, purpose and values.
  • A smart, intellectually curious, strategic and creative professional with a Bachelor’s Degree (B.A.) from a four year college or university, one to three years related work experience and/or training; or equivalent combination of education and experience. 
  •  Experience in legislative affairs or advocacy required; volunteer or leadership development, media relations preferred.
  • Excellent oral and written communication skills; including the ability to present materials/position in a public forum with the ability to withstand opposition without losing positive composure.
  •  High degree of integrity and solid positive reputation in the community.
  • Experience in reading, analyzing, and interpreting legal or legislative documents.
  •  Ability to think strategically and to work without supervision and under deadline.
  • Ability to work cooperatively and effectively with Boards, staff and volunteers to accomplish program goals.
  • Ability to prioritize work on a number of ongoing projects.
  •  Demonstrated ability to work effectively on a professional team.
  • Knowledge of reproductive health issues.
  • Working knowledge of the legislative and political processes in Missouri.
  •  Exceptional interpersonal, leadership and communication skills.
  • Ability to set priorities and organize concurrent projects, handle pressure, manage time effectively,     exercise independent judgment and assume responsibility for reliable follow through.
  •  Self-starter with effective decision-making abilities.
  •  Ability to be a team player as well as a leader
  • Ability to effectively manage a high level of stress, multiple projects and meet deadlines
  •  Demonstrated ability to deal with ambiguity and change, and to work effectively in a complex, dynamic organization.
  • Ability to develop social relationships and earn the confidence of a wide range of internal constituents, Planned Parenthood supporters, legislators and other public officials.
  • A multi-disciplinary thinker with excellent analytical skills and the ability to understand new   concepts and complex subjects, to translate Planned Parenthood’s mission and work to diverse constituencies, to solve problems and to exercise good judgment in a fast-paced environment. 
  • Commitment to exceptional work quality and standards.
  •  Principled, ethical, and professional. A high level of enthusiasm, energy, initiative and drive.
  •   Evening and weekend work is required
  • Must be able to travel statewide representing PPMO.
  • Walking is required in this position.
  • A sense of humor, perspective, and grace.

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